Psychology Clinic

for Childhood Anxiety and Autism


MindCalm helps you engage better with your children by first recognising then understanding the underlying causes of challenging behaviour. This approach empowers you to connect with your child and respond therapeutically during times of emotional and behavioural dysregulation.

The result? Day to day family life becomes more manageable and less stressful.

Who do we serve

MindCalm Work With:

Children And Young People

to reduce anxiety and support them to engage/re-engage in normal age-appropriate activities

Parents And Guardians

to support your understanding of your child’s difficulties. This empowers you to respond therapeutically to challenging behaviours.

Positive and constructive strategies for families affected by childhood anxiety and autism.

Child / Adolescent Assessment

MindCalm offers a broad range of psychometric and diagnostic assessments for early childhood and autism spectrum disorder

Child / Adolescent Intervention

Individual, evidence-based intervention services for children and adolescents as well as education and support for parents.

Adult Services

MindCalm work side by side with families to manage challenging behaviours.

Our Point of Difference

Why Choose MindCalm?


MindCalm focus on Anxiety, Autism and PDA (Pervasive Demand Avoidance) profile.


MindCalm’s advice, tools and strategies are designed to empower parents, young adults and children.


The MindCalm approach is holistic and person-centered. This means working closely with individuals, families, schools, GP’s and other caregivers. Specific support is given in response to the needs of the child or young person and their family.

Evidence Based

MindCalm strategies are evidence-based and based on current research and clinical experience. Mindcalm only use practices proven to be effective.